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We invite all parents to explore our amazing range of footwear for infants and toddlers aged between 6-18-24-36 months. Find the perfect pair of comfortable yet adorable shoes for your little ones at an affordable price here.

Top Quality, Comfortable Shoes from Leading Designer Brands in the World

At MR Bulfer, we think just like parents. We understand your concerns and the factors that are crucial when shoe shopping for infants and toddlers. That’s exactly why we only sell baby boy and girl footwear designed by leading and trusted designer brands that share the same values as us.

Simply put, we are your one-stop online destination for finding high quality, comfortable, and stylish footwear by top baby shoe manufacturing brands from around the world, such as Calzaturifico ABA and Danny’s Shoe to name a few.

All baby shoes manufactured by these leading designer brands are made using premium materials, such as leather and suede, designed with craftsmanship ensuring that they are soft, comfortable to wear and support natural and healthy foot growth and development. Our shoes support the natural movement of the feet of babies, thereby helping strengthen their foot muscles while developing a normal gait, and maintaining better motor control and balance.

Large Variety of Baby Girl and Boy Shoes Suitable for Every Occasion

We continue to add more shoes to our variety providing you with the widest range of shoes for every occasion and for both baby girls and boys, from newborns to early walkers. And that is not an overstatement. Our variety features shoes like baby boys dress shoes, soft sole boots, moccasin boots, shoes and slippers, baby boy sandals, and sneakers. Likewise, we also offer a great variety of baby girl shoes, including baby girl dress shoes, moccasin boots, shoes, and slippers, infant baby girl sandals, sneakers and pump shoes.

Wait there’s more! We know that sometimes parents want to buy shoes that both their baby girl and baby boy can swap and wear with matching outfits. And that’s why we offer the largest range of unisex baby footwear, which includes unisex dress shoes, moccasin boots, shoes and slippers, sandals and sneakers.

Let’s just say at Mr. Bulfer you can find all types of shoes in different sizes and that too for all occasions. Whether you’re looking for fancy footwear for your child that they can wear at parties or sandals for everyday wear or sneakers for the outdoors, we have them all under one roof. With us, you don’t have to go anywhere else.

Explore Different Categories to Find the Shoe of Your Choice

We have something in store for everyone. Whether your little one loves running around and needs shoes that can provide them with excellent protection along with comfort or you’re looking for a pair of shoes for your darling to match with their formal outfit that they can wear at an upcoming event, explore our categories to find the shoe of your choice.

Baby Boy Dress Shoes

Featuring a stunning variety of baby boy dress shoes from Shoe PLACE, our collection will definitely impress you. These slip-on dress shoes for infant and toddlers 6-18-24-36 have cute textured designs and breathable fabric that makes them comfy and incredibly stylish to wear while keeping the feet of your little prince well-protected. Dress shoes go best with tuxedos, and dress pants.

Soft Sole Boots

Our soft sole boots for infants and toddlers provide a snug fit and are also extra cosy to wear. They are flexible and lightweight—featuring soft soles that stimulate the muscles and receptors in their feet. Boots in this category are made from soft honey Nubuk—a leather type with a soft and velvety surface. These are great if you’re looking for footwear with unmatched comfort.

Baby Boy Moccasin Boots, Shoes & Slippers

It won’t be wrong to say that our baby boy moccasin boots, shoes and slippers are as comfortable, fashionable and chic as adult moccasins. Made from leather and suede, moccasins are perfect when it comes to making a style statement.

Baby Boy Sandals

If your little one loves to run around and you’re always tying his laces so that he doesn’t slip, fall or trip then you might want to invest in infant baby boy sandals. They feature Velcro strapping around the ankle, thereby keeping them firmly in place.

Baby Boy Sneakers

Designed with leather and suede, our sneakers collection is from Calzaturificio ABA. These sneakers look regal, stylish and are best for pre-walkers who love moving around and playing outdoors

Best Baby Girl Dress Shoes

Our baby girl dress shoes range features fashionable and fancy party wear footwear. They look great with frocks and shirts.

Baby Girl Moccasin Boots, Shoes & Slippers

Rubber sole moccasins with ridges are great for baby girls. They look stylish and prevent babies from slipping and tripping. Besides this, they are flexible and breathable shoes.

Baby Girl Sandals

Our large variety of infant girl sandals can make any outfit look super stylish. Besides this, they also offer a nice fit that makes it super easy for pre-walkers to take baby steps and learn to walk.

Baby Girl Sneakers

If your baby girl is sporty and loves exploring new surroundings especially outdoors then you’ll love our baby girl sneaker range. The shoes are designed to keep their feet protected and also make them look trendy.

Baby Girl Pump Shoes

For maximum comfort and protection, buy our baby girl pump shoes. These shoes feature organza laces that look very fancy while the texture of the shoes and non-slip suede soles make them extremely comfortable.

Unisex Dress Shoes

Our unisex dress shoes are best suited for both baby girls and boys. So, if you want to invest in shoes that can be worn by both of your kids then this range is possibly right for you.

Unisex Baby Moccasin Boots, Shoes & Slippers

Explore our unisex soft sole and comfortable baby moccasin boots range to find a perfect pair of shoes for your little one. These shoes are designed to support natural and healthy feet development as they are flexible and non-constricting.

Infant Unisex Sandals

Get your infant the best pair of sandals to help them move around, explore and play with complete freedom, without any restrictions.

Infant Unisex Sneakers

The leather and suede unisex sneakers from Calzaturificio ABA’s collection are produced in Italy and hand-made by experts to keep your baby’s feet well-protected, comfortable and healthy. They are best for sporty kids.

So, get started now! Browse through our website to find the right pair for your little one today.

Quality  designer Baby and Toddler Footwear

We are an online retailer of stylish baby and toddler footwear from quality designer Brands around the world. 
From intricately laced shoes perfect for Christenings to bright-coloured sandals suitable for every-day use, we provide shoes to fit for all occasions.  
Our products are sought-after and we offer them at highly competitive prices. With all our products we specify country of origin.
We aim to continually search the globe for the latest designs for little feet.