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Leather and suede sneaker
Leather and suede sneaker
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If you have a naughty little one who loves to run and play, then chances are that you might often get worried about them slipping and falling on uneven and rough surfaces. Well, most often such injuries occur because of inappropriate footwear. Outdoorsy children who are learning to walk and love to explore new surroundings and need special shoes, such as sneakers.

At MR Bulfer, we offer you a wide range of high quality shoes for infants and toddlers, including but not limited to sandals, slippers, boots, moccasins and sneakers. Browse through our range of sneakers to get your child a stylish and functional pair today, so that they can explore their surroundings freely while you enjoy the peace of mind that they are safe and well-protected. With us, you can find the best sneakers for toddlers 6-18-24 months online that too at competitive prices.

Unlike sandals and slippers, sneakers are specifically designed and engineered for outdoors. At MR Bulfer, we ensure that you get the best quality sneakers and that is why we partner with industry- leading brands from around the world, such as Calzaturificio ABA.

Calzaturificio ABA is a renowned Italian shoe manufacturing brand specialising in infant and toddler footwear. All products are produced in Italy and hand-made by industry experts. Each pair of shoes is carefully designed to support and facilitate children’s natural foot development and growth. All materials used in the making of these sneakers are of top quality.

The leather and suede unisex sneakers from Calzaturificio ABA’s collection make a great investment for many reasons especially when you’re shopping for infants and toddlers who love to cruise, run and play outdoors. These sneakers are one-of-a-kind and definitely a must-have.

The outer material of these sneakers is skillfully made of leather and suede, which makes them durable, water-resistant, washable and easy to clean. So, no matter how much your infant or toddler plays in these sneakers, you don’t have to worry about wear and tear or their shoes getting dirty in mud. With these sneakers on, your child will experience a new level of freedom and enjoy exploring their surroundings and learning new things.

Furthermore, the soles of these sneakers are also made of leather. This makes them flexible, soft and non-slippery. All these properties ensure that your child is well-protected from the risk of injuries resulting from slips and falls. That’s right; sneakers have flat soles and provide more stability to your child’s feet in comparison to other types of synthetic shoes. This ensures that your child can walk, run, and jump freely because sneakers provide good support to your child’s feet and ankles. Besides this, sneakers also provide children with good balance because of the smooth, soft and flat sole. Footwear with heels when worn while running and playing can increase the risk of injuries. Sneakers also put less pressure on the legs.

Also, as the inside material of these sneakers is 100 percent leather, you no longer have to stress about your kids having smelly feet or suffering from fungal infections. Leather is a breathable material. This means that it allows the air to pass through freely that further helps the feet to breathe. It is important that your child’s feet breathe especially when they are continuously running around and playing because if the shoes don’t breathe, their feet will get soaked in sweat. And feet that are sweaty and wet for long periods of time are most likely to smell bad and develop infections caused by bacteria and fungi that thrive in damp places. Therefore, it’s really important that the shoes breathe so that your child’s feet remain healthy, regardless of how much they run and prance.

Apart from this, these sneakers are versatile and look extremely stylish. They are suitable for both baby boys and girls. The white colour of the shoes is beautifully accentuated with black border and laces on the top. As they look quite trendy and stylish, these sneakers can be worn with any outfit jeans and skirts.

Laces on these shoes makes it very easy for you to put them on your child’s feet and then tie the laces nicely, ensuring that the shoes don’t come off easily while running. You can lace them up tightly for a good grip. As these shoes have a non-slippery leather sole, they provide your child with a secure footing and a natural rolling movement so that they can indulge in and enjoy all outdoor activities to the fullest like jumping, running and climbing bars.

Needless to say, these sneakers are made with excellent materials and have superb properties, which make it a must-buy from our collection. And because it’s mostly leather, it will last for years.

So, check out our shoe collection today to pick and choose a nice pair of footwear for your little one. If your child doesn’t have sneakers, then now is the best time to get them because children grow up fast and they love to explore new surroundings. Once they have these sneakers on, you don’t have to run around or follow them everywhere and worry about their natural feet development. These shoes provide the protection your child needs from objects, surfaces and other elements and facilitates the natural growth of their feet as well.

Buy the best shoes for your children and let them enjoy their childhood to the fullest with complete freedom and no restriction.

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