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The go-to footwear for infants and toddlers are sandals. Sandals are comfortable to wear, offer a good grip and are perfect for both indoors and outdoors. When it comes to buying sandals, we at MR Bulfer take pride in being the top shopping destination for parents. Just like our wide collection of baby girl and baby boy shoes, sneakers, boots and moccasins, we have a fantastic collection of toddler and infant baby unisex sandals. So, if you wish to buy the best sandals for toddlers of 6-18-24 months online, then you have come to the right place.

We carry the best and leading baby shoe manufacturing brands from around the world under one roof. Rest assured, when you shop at MR Bulfer, you’ll be completely satisfied with your pick and buy simply because we are not in the business to make sales, we are here to build long-term and trust-based relationships with our clients. We care for your baby’s foot health and development and therefore, we only keep high quality toddler and infant baby unisex sandals. Our sandals are made with care and in compliance with the highest standards and guidelines by pediatric societies, which help us ensure that the shoes not only look great on your baby’s foot but also are cosy, soft, provide excellent protection and facilitate their natural foot development as well.

At MR Bulfer, your baby’s safety and growth is a top priority for us. And that is clearly evident from the fact that we only partner and house renowned baby shoe brands that are world-famous for their quality.

As we offer a wide selection of shoes for infants and toddlers alike, here’s what you must keep in consideration when shopping for infant baby unisex sandals online. But before we proceed, let’s not forget that there are a plethora of benefits in buying unisex sandals they can be worn by both a baby girl and a baby boy and still look great. If you have twins (a girl and a boy) then you can invest in unisex sandals and swap them when needed without any restriction. Isn’t that great?

When it comes to shopping for baby unisex sandals online, the first thing you need to consider is the age of your child. For example, for early walkers, breathable and flexible sole shoes that mimic barefoot are the best as they ensure that your little one feels comfortable wearing them and the growth of their feet is not hampered in any way. And for this reason, the sandals that we have in our collection are hand-made by experts. They feature flexible soles so that your little one can move around, explore and play with freedom and without any limitation. Furthermore, we also make sure that the soles are non-slippery so that your baby remains protected against slips and falls, thereby significantly lowering the risk of injuries.

Size is definitely a factor that you can’t overlook especially when it comes to buying sandals, shoes, sneakers or boots for that matter for infant and toddlers. As this is a growing age, chances are that if you order a size today that might get small in the next two weeks. Therefore, it is very important to select the size of the sandal appropriately so that you get the right size from the get-go. One of the best techniques for selecting the right size is to order the size that your child can wear with socks. This ensures that the sandals are neither too big nor too small.  

Another factor that you must consider is closure. Invest in a sandal that is best suited with your child’s needs. For example, sandals with a sturdy buckle closure are best for naughty and playful toddlers who love jumping up and down and running around. The buckle closure provides a good grip, ensuring that the sandal stays in place at all times. So, you don’t have to worry about the sandals coming off every now and then. If you don’t select closures appropriately, you can expose your child to dangerous surfaces and weather elements as the sandals may come off while playing.  

If you are shopping for infant baby unisex sandals then a Velcro closure is perfect. Velcro strap fastening provides a flexible option to put on the sandals easily and take them off quickly. As infants only crawl and don’t run like early walkers, you don’t have to worry about the sandals coming off. Besides this Velcro straps also look very stylish and are a great option if you want to invest in something trendy and fashionable for your little one.

So, what are you waiting for? Browse through our best sandals for toddlers 6-18-24 months online to explore your options and find the perfect pair for your little one today. We have a nice variety of unisex sandals that can be worn by both baby girls and boys. They look great with casual wear and are super comfortable. It’s a nice way to ensure that your child looks fashionable without any kind of compromise to their natural foot development.

Our collection features the best brands. All sandals are available in different sizes so whether you are shopping for an infant or a toddler, you can find the right fit easily. Shop with us confidently because with us you get only the best in quality and that too at competitive pricing! Start exploring your options now and get a gorgeous pair of sandals that your little one will truly love wearing.

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