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Classic satin bootie with laces
Baby shoe in orange made of elastic textile with brown suede feature
Baby shoe in orange made of elastic textile with mustard suede feature

Finding the perfect pair of shoes for your little one can be challenging, especially if you’re shopping for your first child. Though there are several websites from where you can purchase unisex dress shoes for infants and toddlers aged 6-18-24 months online, you can never be sure about the quality and functionality of the shoes. This is where MR Bulfer comes into the picture. At MR Bulfer, we offer the largest variety of unisex dress shoes for infants and toddlers, including moccasin, sneakers, and sandals. We carry shoes from the leading brands from around the world. Simply stated, we are a one-stop shop for high quality baby shoes. With us, you can shop for your little ones with confidence knowing that you’re investing in premium, functional and stylish shoes.

At Mr. Bulfer, we offer you the widest array of baby shoes in different colours and sizes and at the most economical prices with complete customer satisfaction. So, simply browse through our range to pick and choose shoes for your baby that not only match with their outfit but are also comfortable to wear and walk-in.

As the name suggests, our unisex dress shoes can be worn by both baby boys and girls. These shoes look great with all types of outfits, from a simple top and jeans to tuxedos, shirts, and frocks. From slip-on shoes to lace-ups, we have all types of shoes.

Here’s a quick overview of some of the finest pairs of unisex shoes that are hot-sellers:

  • Suede Moccasin with Laces, Baby Boot-Blue

  • These moccasin suede baby boots are exceptional in every sense of the word. A product from Italy’s high fashion shoe brand Calzaturificio ABA, these shoes can be best described as designed for performance and built to envy. They are a classic and worth every dollar spent. They can be worn at parties and make an excellent choice for daily wear, especially if your child loves staying indoors.

    Featuring a slip-on design, these blue moccasin baby boots are made from suede inside and out. They look ultra stylish but more importantly are cosy, comfy to wear and super soft to touch.  Let’s just say these shoes will be the perfect addition to your infant’s wardrobe.

    Available in sizes ranging from 0.5 to 4.5, this pair of shoes is a must-have. The blue colour of the shoes is beautifully accentuated with a white stitching design around the edges and black suede sole. Besides this, they provide an optimal environment for foot development. For example, the flexible soft suede soles promote unimpeded and natural foot development while their superior design provides tiny toes the perfect grip and walking support.

    This pair of shoes can liberate the natural movement of your baby’s feet and provide them with unmatched comfort and support.

  • Classic Satin Booties with Laces

  • Another hot seller from our range of unisex dress shoes for infants, this pair of booties will make heads turn. These classic satin booties with laces have a contemporary look and super soft to touch. They can be worn at special occasions like birthday parties, dinners, weddings, and Christmas.

    As they are white in colour, they will look great with possibly every colour outfit. The outer material and sole of these booties are made with satin while the inner lining is 100 percent organic cotton. Designed keeping a baby's sensitivity in mind, these shoes will surely keep your little one cosy, warm and dry no matter how long they have them on.

    The lace closure makes it very easy for parents to put on these shoes on the baby’s feet and then softly tie and adjust the lace making sure that they provide a good grip so that it is easy for the baby to move around without feeling any kind of discomfort.

    As these booties are made using satin, you can rest assured that they are incredibly soft to wear. Your infant will love wearing these booties and will not feel irritated at all.

    These booties are a perfect combination of style, quality and comfort. They are made in Italy and one of the finest pairs of shoes from Calzaturificio ABA’s collection. They are available in both infant and toddler sizes. These booties also make a great gift to present to new parents.

    So, if you’re looking for high quality, comfortable and unisex shoes, then you know where to shop from. Browse through our range to find the perfect shoes for your little one. We are sure that you will enjoy shopping for infants and toddlers 6-18-24 months online from our store.  

    Our shoes are available in different sizes to accommodate different size needs and provide ample of room for growing feet. They are flexible and non-constricting, which help promote good balance for your little one. Furthermore, the soft sole of our shoes mimic bare feet by bending and flexing with every step taken, and that is really important to ensure the natural and healthy development of the feet of your baby.

    From cruising to crawling, running and walking indoors and outdoors, the shoes that we feature in our range for infants and toddlers are not only fashionable and fun to wear but also facilitate healthy foot growth and development. They offer a perfectly snug fit so you can rest assured that they are comfortable to wear and will not come off frequently, thereby protecting your baby’s feet from rough surfaces at all times.

    Start shopping now! You’ll truly love what we have in store for you. And that’s a promise we love to keep.

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