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Suede moccasin with laces – Grey
Suede moccasin with laces  -  Blue
Leather moccasin with laces - White
Suede moccasin with laces  -  Sandy
Suede moccasin with laces  - Water (Light Blue)

Keep your baby’s feet clean, comfortable and warm with our high quality unisex moccasin boots, shoes and sneakers for infants and toddlers. Our stylish shoe designs will complement your child’s outfit and make them look trendy and fashionable. At MR Bulfer, you get the best quality moccasins just like our other footwear line-up, which includes sandals, slippers, and boots.

We offer genuine moccasin shoes from renowned brands, such as Calzaturificio ABA. Moccasins from the collection of Calzaturificio ABA are synonymous with great style, premium quality, superior comfort and incredible flexibility—all that you need to make sure that your baby loves their footwear and can move and play with complete freedom.

Our latest collection features 100 percent suede and leather moccasins, which are designed to provide several benefits to early walkers. Infants and toddlers’ feet are continually growing, which means it’s very important for them to wear shoes that facilitates the development of their feet instead of constricting them. Furthermore, at this stage as they learn to balance and coordinate, they need to feel the ground beneath them. Did you know that children learn to walk by gripping their toes on the ground? As they feel the ground, the tiny nerve endings in the soles of their feet send signals to their brain that help them identify the surface below. So, it’s really important that the sole of the shoes are soft, flexible yet protective. And this is what you can expect and get from our unisex moccasin boots, shoes and slippers for infants and toddlers.

As the soles of these shoes are made from soft suede, you can rest assured that they are soft to touch, comfortable to wear, lightweight and will protect your little one’s feet from cold, hot, uneven and rough surfaces.

Some of the finest pieces in our moccasin range include the following:

Suede Moccasins with Laces, Baby Boot – Sandy

Available in sandy colour and sizes ranging from 0.5 and 4.5, these 100 percent suede moccasin baby boots are a classic. They look absolutely trendy, fashionable and can go with any type of outfit—daily wear or formal. The texture and softness of these baby boots is second to none, while you won’t find such stylish designs anywhere else. The slip-on design of these moccasins is nicely accentually with white stitching on top and a bow lace in the middle.

Their sole is also extremely flexible and incredibly soft so if you want shoes that are stylish and also support the natural and healthy foot development of your child, then this pair is definitely a must-have for their wardrobe.

If you’re wondering about the quality then don’t because they are no ordinary shoes. They are hand-made by professional shoe designers in Italy, thereby guaranteeing top-notch quality.

Leather Moccasins with Laces - White

Another fantastic option is our leather moccasin shoes with laces. A pair of white coloured shoes featuring a lace and a stitched design on the outer edges, they are cute and comfortable to wear! Made of leather, they also come with a slip-on closure.

The high quality leather used in these shoes provides your child’s feet with extra comfort and excellent protection. As the material on the inside is made from leather, these moccasin boots are breathable and prevent the build-up of bacteria, thus keeping your baby’s feet clean, healthy and smelling great.

As our leather moccasins are produced from genuine leather, they offer unmatched durability as compared to shoes made from synthetic materials. This means that they’ll last much longer than any other shoes. So, if your infant or toddler has a habit of damaging shoes before they outgrow them then leather is definitely an investment that you’ll love as no matter how much they play and run wearing them, these shoes will not wear or tear that easily.

In addition to this, these slip-on leather unisex baby moccasin boots offer a good fit. The leather moulds to the child’s foot shape seamlessly thereby providing them with maximum support, stability and balance.

These shoes are also easy to clean and water-friendly. So, you don’t have to worry about your child’s feet getting dirty when walking through wet grass or stepping in a muddy puddle. But please note that the material leather is slightly water-resistant and not completely water-proof therefore, care must be taken to protect these shoes from dust and dirt, especially when walking in deep puddles or extremely wet grass.

Moccasin boots, slippers and sandals will be a valuable addition to your child’s wardrobe. These shoes can be worn daily as they look great with casual wear and can also be paired up with formal dresses like tuxedos. It can undoubtedly amp up your child’s overall look and add style to their outfit.

Whether you’re looking for moccasin boots for an infant or a toddler, you can find the right size at our online store easily. We offer moccasin shoes in different sizes so; simply select the size that fits your baby and order. These shoes are modern, chic and comfortable. It won’t be wrong to say that this is where style meets comfort.

We not only offer you premium shoes but also the best prices. With us, you can purchase your favorite infant and toddler shoes at a price you wouldn’t want to miss out on! Shop now!

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