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Baby Girl Sandals

Sandals are indispensable footwear for all ages, even toddlers of 6-12-36 months. This versatile footwear is a great choice for baby girls because of the many designs and styles that are available for your toddler’s little feet. Similar to girls pumps, shoesmoccasins and sneakers, you need to find the most appropriate sandals for your toddler. is the number one online destination for sandals that have been made from real leather, the most comfortable and breathable material for baby sandals. The material especially suits toddlers who need baby girl sandals with a solid heel cap along with a non-slip natural rubber sole. This combination ensures that your baby girl gets the best non-slip sandals for a firm footing.

At, we are passionate about providing fotwear that not only fit well, but are guaranteed to provide your toddler with freedom to move and play. The amazing lineup of sandals that we offer can be worn by toddlers throughout the year, without having to worry about their tiny feet getting sore or tired. You will also find a huge variety of flip-flop in our inventory, which will make finding the perfect pair of adorable pusher for your toddler. 

Satin Sandal in a Fantasy Design with Velcro Closure

Our premium quality sandals are made with the highest quality materials to make sure your toddler stays happy and comfortable. The satin sandal boasts an adorable fantasy design and features a sturdy Velcro strap fastening to provide your toddler with the support she needs while walking. Featuring an open toe design, this sandal is the perfect choice for those hot summer months when you’ll want your toddler to wear footwear that’s comfortable and breathable. This sandal comes from the exclusive Calzaturificio ABA lineup which is designed and manufactured in Italy to ensure the highest quality standards. The sandal features a beautiful satin exterior along with a satin sole and interior which goes nicely with just about any outfit.

Leather Sandal with Velcro Strap and Organza Flower

Our leather sandal with Velcro strap and organza flower is just what you need to complete any outfit. The sandal is made from original leather which is extremely comfortable. They features an adorable organza flower design and can easily add a little color to any outfit. These footwear feature a sturdy but beautiful leather exterior along with high grade leather in seams and a suede sole to provide your toddler with the ultimate in comfort and balance. The sturdy Velcro strap makes sure the sandal is kept in place. This pair is from the Calzaturificio ABA lineup that’s exclusively designed and made in Italy. Its high quality and adorable design have made this sandal a favorite among parents.

Fabric Sandal with Suede Feature and Buckled Strap - Flowered Pattern

Little baby girls love flowers, which is the inspiration behind this beautiful fabric  sandal. Features soft patterned textile which is simply irresistible. The beautiful design of this makes it the perfect choice for wearing to special occasions or for completing an elegant, casual look. specializes in footwear that are of the highest quality. This fabric sandal that features a stunning flowered pattern is part of our Calzaturificio ABA lineup. What makes it unique is that the sandal has been crafted in Italy to ensure the highest standard of quality is maintained. This exquisite pair of baby girl sandals feature a beautiful patterned fabric exterior, a comfy interior and a supportive sole to give your little baby girl the help and protection she needs as she starts to take her first steps. This sandal features a buckle closure to make sure it stays in place at all times.

Transparent PVC and Fabric Sandal with Buckle

If you’re looking for a sandal that’s truly gorgeous and unique, then the transparent PVC fabric sandal featuring a sturdy buckle should be right up your alley. This brightly colored orange and pink sandal will effortlessly enhance any outfit. These adorable footgear have been designed keeping your toddler’s comfort in mind. It features a transparent but comfortable PVC sole that offers your little baby girl the support she needs for hobbling around. The soft textile interior of this sandal makes sure her feet are comfortable at all times while providing her little toes with the protection they need.

The sturdy buckle on this sandal ensures that it stays in place at all times while she runs and plays around. The sandal has been brought to you by our exclusive Calzaturificio ABA collection. Each of these premium transparent PVC and fabric sandals has been handmade in Italy to ensure their quality. This is to make sure we deliver the best when it comes to baby girl sandals. It is this reason that our exclusive range are much appreciated by toddlers and their parents.

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