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Baby Girl Pumps

It’s a sheer joy to watch your baby girl take her first step. However, as a parent you want to make sure that your little angel has the perfect pair of footwear so that she can walk comfortably. At home and outdoor footwear like the sandals, moccasin and sneakers in our line-up are an excellent choice for daily use. On the other hand, our baby girl pump shoes, for infants and toddlers 6-18-24 months, are best for special occasions like weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas parties and other kind of celebrations.

Our pumps for baby girls (infant and toddlers) are superior in quality and incredibly stylish. Designed with soft fabric and embellished with beautiful organza laces, cute prints and fancy colours, our baby girl pump shoes will look absolutely gorgeous in your darling’s feet.

At MR Bulfer, we believe that shoes are an essential part of the entire look and should complement the outfit flawlessly. That is why we offer the widest selection of baby girl pump shoes for you to pick and choose from. We also know how crucial it is for shoes to be comfortable. After all, comfort comes first. If shoes are not comfortable, your princess will not feel good wearing them. She will either sit in one place because of her shoes and miss out on all the fun or take them off and run around without them. Therefore, comfort is definitely a top factor when it comes to buying shoes for babies. And that is one of many reasons why parents prefer to shop from us as we only carry renowned and top brands that are best known for their exceptional design and comfort.

So, if you are looking for cute and comfy footwear for your princess, then shop at our store now. Buy baby girl pump shoes for infants and toddlers 6-18-24 months online and we’ll have them delivered to your desired address in the fastest possible time.

Ballet Pump Made of Soft Fabric, Organza Laces

Our ballet pumps are a hot favourite among mothers for all the right reasons. This pair of pumps is fancy, functional and looks fabulous on both jeans and frocks. It is a piece from Calzaturificio ABA collection, the leading Italian baby shoe brand. Calzaturificio ABA is known for its high quality, hand-made shoes made from durable materials.

Featuring a pink floral design, this pair of pumps is beautifully complemented by a large sized organza lace that adds a fancy look and feel to these shoes. The outer material of the pumps is made out of a soft fabric while the inside material is high quality, breathable leather. The leather on the inside allows your baby’s feet to breathe comfortably to prevent skin irritation and sweat build-up.

The pumps have non-slip suede soles, which provide a strong grip to pre-walkers on both tiled and wooden surfaces.

These pumps are exclusively designed to support healthy foot development and provide excellent protection to tiny feet against the environment. As the feet of infants and toddlers are soft, delicate, chubby and flexible, they need soft-sole shoes at the pre-walking stage. The soft sole of these pumps allows your baby’s feet to move naturally and grip. They don’t constrict or restrict their feet movement. In fact, these pumps provide infants and toddlers comfort and protection and ensure that they continue to develop a good grip and strengthen ligaments and muscles.  

Baby Girl Pumps in Satin, a Border of Lace and Organza Laces

When dressing up your princess in a beautiful fancy frock with ruffles, consider adorning her look with these baby girl pumps in satin. These Italian hand-made pumps reflect style and elegance. As these elegant shoes are from the Calzaturificio ABA collection, you can rest assured about their quality.

These pumps for baby girls are beautifully decorated with laces and nicely contrasted with organza lace, which adds to the visual appeal and makes them look incredibly gorgeous. It won’t be wrong to say that these shoes are definitely a work of art.

If you’re wondering about comfort, then let us tell you that these pumps feature satin sole and the inside material is also satin. This means that these shoes are soft, comfortable and flexible all that you need to ensure that the footwear provides excellent support to your little one while facilitating healthy development of their feet. Furthermore, they have plenty of room on the inside for tiny toes to spread out, which gives them ample of space to grow healthy and strong without exposing them to structural abnormalities that are common in children who wear shoes with tapered toes.

So, what are you waiting for? If comfort and healthy development of your baby’s feet matter to you as much as style and design does, then consider investing in a few pair of baby girl pump shoes for infants. Browse through our large range of pumps with elegant designs, and soft-soles today. All the pump shoes in our collection offer a perfect snug-fit for infants and toddlers. These shoes will truly enhance the entire look of your baby, no matter what the occasion! At parties like weddings and birthdays, these shoes are the best choice. They are available in different colours and sizes so you can easily find the perfect pump shoes for your little princess.

Just like our line-up of sandals, moccasin, and sneakers, all pump shoes in our collection ensures that your baby feels safe and comfortable in them and has a great time without feeling any discomfort. Shop with us today.

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