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Baby Boy Moccasins

Most people don’t know that the word “moccasin” is actually a Native American word which means “footwear.” The footwear that we call “moccasin” now are an essential part of the casual-dapper ensemble. Moccasins are designed with one piece of hide that’s drawn up around the foot and sewn with no seams on the lower part. While there are many modern versions of the moccasin, they are worn by people of all cultures, all around the world… even by toddlers.

Moccasins make for a great addition to a baby’s footwear collection containing boots, shoes and sandals. Toddler moccasin footwear are as much about functionality as they are about appearance. When it comes to style for babies, wearing moccasins definitely make a statement. They are also designed to provide those tiny feet the support they need as your baby learns to walk for the first time.

Moccasins are also an excellent choice for baby shoes because they are easy to slip on and off and firmly stay in place while your baby plays around. Needless to say, your little man in going to look downright handsome wearing moccasins made of soft, comfortable leather and suede. Your baby is definitely going to be pleased with these mini versions of adult moccasins that are a great choice for your baby’s tender feet.

The following are some of our best options of baby boy’s moccasins, exclusively designed to keep your baby’s feet comfy and safe. Not only that, but they also provide them with the traction needed for learning how to walk.

Suede Moccasin with Laces 

You can go big with these cute suede moccasin shoes, featuring laces. This pair of moccasin shoes is the perfect choice for little boys. Made with premium quality suede, these moccasins offer the ultimate in comfort and traction. One of the common issues that parents face with their toddler’s footwear is that they make the young one’s feet sweaty. You can solve this problem by getting your toddler the suede moccasin with laces. Our premium quality sandalsmoccasins and sneakers have been specially designed to improve breath ability. Your toddler’s feet won’t sweat even if they wear the shoes for prolonged periods of time.

It’s no wonder that our suede moccasin with laces is a best seller. The shoes have been designed to be at par with the highest quality standards. The suede moccasin with laces is from our exclusive collection Calzaturifico ABA which was designed in Italy to ensure the highest level of quality in both design and comfort. Your toddler gets the very best in toddler footwear that’s doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

The contemporary design of this suede moccasin with laces features a suede sole and suede on the inside of the moccasin. This provides the toddler with the support they need while they walk, which is complimented by a smooth suede exterior. With an excellent slip-on closure design, this makes it the ideal choice for daily wear for a casual event or a special occasion. The suede moccasin with laces is available in four different colors, grey, blue, light blue, and sandy, and goes well with just about any outfit.

Leather Moccasin with Laces 

Our lovely suede moccasin with laces now has a companion: the leather moccasin with laces is one of the latest additions to our exclusive collection of toddler shoes. Our footwear are much loved for their superior quality, unique designs and ease-of-use. The leather moccasin with laces is no exception.

Since everybody knows the advantages of giving your child soft shoes to wear, buying our exclusively designed leather moccasin with laces is a no-brainer. This shoe features a classic design and is already one of our best sellers. Featuring a tough, yet comfortable leather sole, this toddler moccasin makes sure your child’s tiny feet are protected from other objects and the elements. Apart from the premium quality leather sole, this leather moccasin shoe also features leather on the interior and exterior, giving it an amazing unified look.

The leather moccasin with laces is featured in our exclusive Calzaturifico ABA collection. This particular collection of unique toddler shoes unique has been designed in Italy to ensure that a high level of quality is maintained in the look and feel of the shoes. So, you can rest assured that you are going to get the best quality leather moccasin with laces for your toddler. This soft sole moccasin with a great fit makes sure that your toddler’s feet are kept safe as they explore the world around them for the first time. They will be protected from injuries as they wobble around in their leather moccasin with laces.

The leather moccasin with laces is cute and comfortable and pairs nicely with almost every outfit. This makes these moccasins an ideal choice for just about any occasion, or as reliable footwear for everyday wear. The convenient slip-on design of the shoe means that getting them on or off is a breeze. The leather moccasin with laces is available in soft white color and is the go-to choice for completing any outfit.  

If you like what you see, why not take a look at our entire collection of toddler footwear. You’ll find comfortable and stylish shoes, sandals, sneakers and of course our adorable looking moccasins for your toddler. You can view our entire collection of exclusive, high-quality toddler shoes and find the ones you need by visiting